365 days of Portraits | Trent Chau

365 days of unique portraits by Trent Chau

Connie – I’m clinging onto that wall for dear life – Day 50

Name : Connie What does she do?: Psychology/Sociology student at Emory and Model What’s her favorite food?: Maine Lobster…no butter, no cocktail sauce just straight. If she can have any … Continue reading

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Savannah – I’ve been through a lot for someone my age – Day 49

Name : Savannah What does she do?: I try to model, I work at a Botique 🙂  I’m an artist also. What’s her favorite food?: Italian food, plain old tortellini … Continue reading

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Chad – Man can you believe she ended up doing what she did? – Day 48

Name : Chad What does he do?: Hair Salon Owner What’s his favorite food? Steak is good (Obviously), Pizza is good also with Pepperoni and Mushrooms. If he can have … Continue reading

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Paola – When you ordered that Sushi I got so excited – Day 47

Name : Paola What does she do?: Translator What’s her favorite food?: Sushi!  Raw type.  Anything with a Sauce.  Fatty Tuna…Yum! If she can have any super power, what would … Continue reading

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Lisa – “Speaks in the most adorable German I have ever heard” – Day 46

Name : Lisa What does she do?: Vet Tech What’s her favorite food?: Spaghetti, Meat sauce! If she can have any super power, what would it be? Read peoples mind.  … Continue reading

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Ivonne – Omg if you think I’m shy, she’s like me 300x – Day 45

Name : Ivonne What does she do?: Stay at home mom What’s her favorite food?: I’m Mexican (laugh) so Mexican, the real stuff, not tex mex (I asked her about … Continue reading

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Jordan – No I’m not really that mixed – Day 44

Name : Jordan What does she do?: Gogo Dancer as my full time job, and model as a part time job. What’s her favorite food?: I love anything sweet, so … Continue reading

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